Add/Update Service References

When adding a service reference, proxy classes for all entity sets and complex types will be generated having exactly the same name and namespace. The entity sets and complex types are already defined in Net.Appclusive.Public. Unfortunately it's not possible to reuse types from another assembly (i.e. from Net.Appclusive.Public). Referencing Net.Appclusive.Public and Net.Appclusive.Api in the same project can cause problems as exactly the same types with the same namespace are defined twice. To workaround this problem the alias of the Net.Appclusive.Api reference can be changed as described here.


After updating or adding a service reference the following steps have to be performed.

  • Change service reference class in Reference.cs to extend from DataServiceContextBase


    public partial class Core : DataServiceContextBase

  • The duplicated proxy classes (i.e. User) have to be deleted in the corresponding Reference.cs files