Setup Persistence Database

To create the persistence database execute the following steps.

  1. Open SQL Server Object Explorer in Visual Studio 2015
  2. Expand SQL Server and (localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB (SQL Server 13.0.2151 - COMPUTERNAME\USERNAME)
  3. Right click on Databases
  4. Select Add New Database from context menu
    1. Database Name: AppclusiveWorkflows
    2. Database Location: C:\src\App_Data
  5. Right click on newly created database AppclusiveWorkflows
  6. Select New Query from context menu
  7. Copy content of %WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\SQL\EN\SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreSchema.sql to the query window and execute query
  8. Copy content of %WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\SQL\EN\SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreLogic.sql to the query window and execute query

Design for an Activity

The following blog post explains how to create a design for an Activity.

Associating a WF4 activity designer to a custom activity using MetadataStore


The following points have to be considered when creating a design for an Activity

  • In order for Visual Studio activity designer to present the designer for ArbitraryActivity the ArbitraryActivity.Design.dll has to be in the same folder as ArbitraryActivity.dll
  • The project containing the workflow the ArbitraryActivity will be used in has to have references to both projects, the ArbitraryActivity project and the ArbitraryActivity.Design project.


  • An Activity cannot contain parts of the project namespace in its name (i.e. an Activity with name Net.Appclusive.Workflows.ArbitraryActivity will not compile, if the ArbitraryActivity resides in Net.Appclusive.SomeProject). Naming an Activity like NetAppclusiveWorkflowsArbitraryActivity is not a problem.
  • When invoking an Activity based on its XAML definition the Activity first has to be loaded using ActivityXamlServices. Loading the Activity results in a instance of type DynamicActivity. This means, that the type of the Activity cannot be determined anymore. Because of that WorkflowManagers invoke method has to be called by passing the instance of the loaded Activity instead of its type. Otherwise the WorkflowManager will instantiate a new DynamicActivity without any Properties, Variables and Arguments.

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